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Indira Group of Institutes

Shree Chanakya Education Society’s “Indira Group of Institutes”, Pune was established in 1994, with the explicit vision to provide sustainable impetus to the corporate and entrepreneurial abilities in the youth. The realization that a robust framework of education is indispensable for the growth of global leaders, the visionary, Dr. Tarita Shankar, Chairperson, Indira Group, integrated her pursuit of excellence and articulated educational institutions, known as Indira Group of Institutes (IGI), which imbibe human excellence and demonstrate strong social values, with a single minded pursuit of developing the youth to become business leaders.

Unrelenting initiatives by the management team at Indira led to adding of multi-disciplines such as Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Commerce, Science, Engineering and Mass Communication to the group and growth has been as deep as it has been wide. With 12 institutions, IGI now offers education right from Kindergarten to Doctorate level studies. IGI believes in the economic independence of individuals. In this endeavor we aim to inspire our post graduate students to create a niche for themselves in the Indian Economic order first, and then compete globally. We owe our gratitude to the Indian Industry for consistently collaborating with us in this endeavor. Renowned industrialists have visited us and tremendously enhanced the morale of our students by sharing their vast knowledge and experience about entrepreneurial opportunities and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students.

Having traversed the journey of twenty-five years we have ourselves made certain significant achievements which, we are aware, are but the building blocks for achieving further heights.

  • Indira is ranked amongst the top 2 B-schools in Pune, by the prestigious AIMA – IMJ
  • The same journal gave us a top 30, all India ranking on the parameters of Industry interface.
  • Our students have shown good academic results and have been at the level of university ranking.
  • The achievements of our students have enabled them to attract some of the best corporate recruiters.
  • Indira Group of Institutes and our goodwill has enabled us to establish campus agreement with Microsoft for using different software.
  • Our goodwill with Microsoft was further accentuated with Microsoft conducting workshops at Indira, for train the trainer modules.
  • Business India has also ranked us amongst the top 3 educational institute in Pune from 2 consecutive years
  • Our Institutes have received accreditation from various certifying bodies
  • Indira Institute of Management was the first management institute in Maharashtra to receive the accreditation from the NBA, New Delhi.
  • We also have our audiovisual centers supported by Harvard Business School , Stanford, Pyramid Media and Tom Peters Company and we have vast collection of titles.


To be a front runner in providing refined education system to create visionary professionals and entrepreneurs enriched with innovation and leadership through integration of teaching and learning, advancement of knowledge, education and research fostering an equitable and productive growth in the complex global society.


  • To foster the success of our students and the community through innovative and flexible learning opportunities resulting in all round development with ability to excel in dynamic global society.
  • To empower all the students to lead productive lives and become contributing members of the community by applying their acquired knowledge and skills.
  • To be the center of excellence for creating holistic citizens inculcated with ethical, moral and social values in diverse culture.
  • To help prepare outstanding educators and research scholars through advancement in the profession of education focusing on innovative practices and sustainable development programs.

Chairperson's Message

Dr. Tarita Shankar

Founder Secretary & Chief Managing Trustee Shree Chankya Education Society Chairperson, Indira Group of Institutes, Pune

Email: taritashankar@indiraedu.com

The world has come to recognize India as an economic powerhouse, waiting to burst out of its shell of slow and painful progress and curtailed economic freedom for over 50 years. With liberalization the era of free market economy dawned on India in 1991. Slowly and at times haltingly, our economic reforms programme has been taken forward for the past two decades. On the way we have encountered turbulence in the form of the recession and some unhelpful economic decisions, which have slowed our progress towards Super Power status. One believes that we will once again be able to press forward in the coming years and command our place on the world’s stage as a star player. Indians are among the most talented in terms of entrepreneurial abilities and the large number of Indians occupying stellar roles in the world’s best known corporate is enough indication of this. Our country is going to need thousands of brilliant minds to shape our future as the justifiable leaders in the race to development.

In order to encourage talent to come to the fore, we need to provide the right motivation through cutting edge knowledge from reputed and best in class organizations. Indira College of Commerce and Science is among the top colleges that makes talent bloom through its holistic programme of academic, physical, sports, spiritual and extra and co-curricular activities that are designed to expose the brilliance that is within its students.

I welcome you therefore to join the ICACS and become part of a winning group of students, faculty, staff and educationists who can together take India to its ultimate aim of being among the top three economically advanced nations of the world by 2020.

Group Director's Message

Prof. Chetan Wakalkar

Group Director, IGI
Managing Trustee, Shri Chanakya Education Society

Email: cwakalkar@indiraedu.com

The world’s emergence from recession, even though slow and fragmented, is accepted by all. Every economic crisis in history has brought about breakthroughs in industries, science and technology. The recent crisis has stimulated thoughts and inspired the international community to make new explorations regarding development models. Growth and integration of a global, increasingly free market economy has raised standard of competition in all sectors providing goods and services. On the other hand management professionals from India are in good demand in international market. Private sector today offers rapid advancement to result-oriented professionals. The daunting complexity of the challenges that confront us would be overwhelming if we were to depend only on existing knowledge, traditional resources and conventional approaches. Chanakya, (famous Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC) says: “As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.” – This philosophy is enshrined in the soul of Indira Group and enlivened by our lifeblood i.e. faculty and students. We have identified this paradigm shift of managing today’s business and therefore always strive to instill, the ability of speedy decision making in resources deployed, managing diversity, searching right direction of knowledge management for the people, and finally social responsibility awareness in our students. Like the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu says “Rules of war never change – only weapons change”, our tomorrow’s corporate warriors will fight for market share and market domination by converting previous knowledge and experience into today’s competencies required for best possible strategies. Here we are committed to supply a growing stream of well-grounded and ethically responsible professional practitioners and leaders in every field of public life and endeavor.

Our Inspiration

Dr. Tarita Shankar Mr. Chetan Shankar Wakalkar

In an ever changing globalised world, we can truly empower our youth by teaching them to embrace their individuality and uniqueness while appreciating the fact that it is in our differences and diversities that we find harmony and complementary living. The amalgamation of these two simple ideas encapsulates the perspective behind Power in We.

The ‘We’ way is about learning to depend on one another with gratitude and humility while embracing our responsibility to be our best for them in return. By providing a platform that embraces people from diverse backgrounds who constantly work together to play their unique part, we foster appreciation of collective unity and diversity.

This message of collaboration and collective unity is a common thread shared by all at Indira.

EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY and is driven by the motivation to strive to be the best we can be, lift and cooperate with one another. And in doing so we become the dream team that we were meant to be- our faculty, students and corporate partners, each entity stepping up and complementing the other to attain individual and common goals. We work towards creating a workforce that lives and breathes the same spirit. For we believe, it is truly all for you and you for all.

‘We’ invite you to come and be a part of this exciting journey, excitement that stems from insight, understanding and fulfillment of one’s true potential and most importantly from succeeding while helping others succeed.

Look forward to your participation in coming Placement Season.

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