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Dr. Anand Ganpatrao Jumle

Designation : Principal

Qualification:M.Com., Ph.D. (Commerce)

Areas of Interest:Finance, Accounts and General Management

No of years of experience: 22 years

Administrative experience : 15 years

Ph.D./M.Phil. : Awarded – 07 & Registered - 07

Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed or UGC listed Journals: 25


Chapter in Edited Book: 03


Editor Experience :from 2010 till date


Dr. Bipul B. Saha
Professor and Advisor

Qualification: M.Sc (Gold Medalist), Ph.D (Chemistry), MBA, Ph.D (Management)

Awards: 1. Homi Bhabha Gold Medal
2. S.N. Bhattacharya Medal
3. University Gold Medal

Editorial experience: 1. Editorial Advisory Board member of (a) “American Chemical Society’s Agricultural Science and Technology Journal (b) Farm Chemicals International – USA (c) Agri Business Global – USA
2. Editor of “Indian Society of Environmental Science and Technology Newsletter”

Mr. Nilesh Shrikantrao Khalikar

Qualification: M.A.Music,NET,B.Ed,Sangeet Alankaar ,Ph.D. (Registered)

Areas of Interest: Performing Khayal Music,Merkhand, ancient sanskrut Grantha –s related to Musicology

No of years of experience:12 years

Administrative experience:05 years

Total No of Publications :02

Awards: 1)Devgandharva Bhaskarrao Bakhle Young singer Award,Uni.Pune
2)Datta Marulkar Gold Medal,Uni.Pune

E mail: nilesh.khalikar@indiraedu.com

Mr. Namdev Tanaji Mhetre
Assistant Professor in Mathematics & Statistics

Qualification:M.Sc. Mathematics, SET, B.Ed., CTET

Areas of Interest: Algebra & Calculus

No of years of experience:6.5 years

E mail: namdev.mhetre@icacs.ac.in

Mr. Kiran Narayan Ghotkule
Assistant Professor in Botany

Qualification:M.Sc. B.Ed. M-SET,Ph.D. (Registered)

Areas of Interest: Plant Diversity and Limnology

No of years of experience: 12 Years

Research Papers: 04

National Conference: 01

International Conference 01


Dr. Priyanka Ramdas Sakhare
Assistant Professor in Chemistry

Qualification: M.Sc. Chemistry, Ph.D. IIT Bombay CSIR- NET, GATE

Areas of Interest: Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry. Catalysis.

No of years of experience: 08 years

Total No of Publications: 03

International Papers: 02

Indian Patent: 01

National Conference: 02

International Conference: 01

E mail: priyanka.sakhare@indiraedu.com

Dr. Shobha Santosh Jagtap
Assistant Professor in Commerce

Qualification:M.com, CMA, PHD

Areas of Interest:Finance, Costing, Taxation, Accounting.

No. of years of experience: 07 years

No. of Publications: 05

National Conference: 04

International Conference: 02

E mail: shobha.jagtap@indiraedu.com

Dr. Pratibha N. Bomble
Assistant Professor, Zoology.

Qualification:M.Sc (Zoology), CSIR-UGC-JRF, UGC-NET, DMLT, ANM, PhD.

Areas of Interest: Stress response biology, Proteomics, Biochemistry, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Microscopy, Genetics.

No. of years of experience : 04 years

No. of Publications: 03

Awards:1.Young Scientist Award at International Science Congress.
2.‘Bharat Shiksha Ratna Award’ by Global Society for Health & Educational Growth, Delhi.

Mr.Saket Ramesh Nikalje
Director of Physical education and Sports

Qualification: B.com, B.ped, M.ped, UGC-NET, SET, PhD (Registered).

Areas of Interest: Research, Test and measurement, Biomechanics, Sports Psychology. Football, Hockey, Athletics.

Research papers:01

National Conferences: 01

No. of Workshops:04

No of years of experience:01 Years

E mail: saket.nikalje@indiraedu.com

Ms. Anuja Babanrao Thube
Assistant Professor in English

Qualification: M.A. (English), SET, NET

No of years of experience:5 years

Areas of Interest :Linguistics, Soft Skills, English language and literature

Research Papers : 3

E mail: anuja.thube@icacs.ac.in

Mr.Piyush Mahesh Mirani
Assistant Professor in Physics

Qualification:M.Sc in Physics, NET, M-SET, GATE

Areas of Interest :: Observational Astronomy, Star Clusters, Variable Stars

E mail: piyush.mirani@icacs.ac.in

Dr. Punam Narayan Kavade
Assistant Professor in Politics & Sociology

Qualification:: M.A., M.Phil (University of Hyderabad), UGC-NET, Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur-HSS-Political Sociology)

No of years of experience:1 years

Areas of Interest :Political Sociology, Political Theory, Social Movements, Indian Culture and Society, etc.

No. of Publications: 1

National Conference: 02

International Conference: 01

Mrs. Radhika Nikhil Gandhe
Assistant Professor in Commerce

Qualification: M.Com, SET, Ph.D (registered)

Areas of interest:Accountancy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Management

No of years of experience:14 years

Publications: : Published a book ‘Human Resource Management’ - Alpha publications

No. of Workshops :01

E mail: radhika.gandhe@icacs.ac.in

Mr.Vishal Mangesh Kamathe
Assistant Professor in Physics

Qualification: M.Sc (Physics), PhD (Registered)

Areas of interest:Nanotechnology, Fractal study, Droplet study, Gas sensing application

No of years of experience:05 years

Research Papers: 07

National Conference: 03

International Conference: 07

E mail: vishal.kamathe@icacs.ac.in

Mrs. Swarupa Vinayak Kulkarni
Assistant Professor in Electronics

Qualification:NET, M.Sc Electronics

Areas of interest:Embedded system, Communication Electronics, IOT

No of years of experience:15 years

National Conference: 02

E mail: swarupa.kulkarni@icacs.ac.in

Mr.Shubham Shahane
Branding Officer

Qualification: B.Sc (Computer Science), DNYS

No of years of experience:5 years

E mail: shubham.shahane@icacs.ac.in

Mr.Sandesh Chandrakant Deshmukh
Lab Assistant

Qualification: MBA, B.Sc (Chemistry).

No of years of experience:8 years

E mail: sandesh.deshmukh@icacs.ac.in

Mr. Mahendra Kisan Narke
Office Superintendent

Qualification: B. SC. , B.Lib.

No of years of experience:23 years

E mail: mahendra.narke@icacs.ac.in

Mr. Vishal Parghale
Junior Clerk

Qualification: M.A. ( Psychology)

No of years of experience:20 years

E mail: vishal.parghale@icacs.ac.in

Mr. Vishal Popat Pawar
Admission Head

Qualification: M.Sc. Electronics, SET

No of years of experience:6 years

E mail: vishal.pawar@icacs.ac.in

Mrs. Nisha Bhalchim

Qualification: BBA, M.Lib., NET

No of years of experience:3 years

E mail: nisha.bhalchim@icacs.ac.in

Ms. Swapnali J.Vayadande
Executive Assistant to Principal

Qualification: B.Sc. (Computer Science )

No of years of experience:1 years

E mail: swapnali.vayadande@icacs.ac.in


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