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Dr. Anand Ganpatrao Jumle

Designation : Principal

Qualification:M.Com., Ph.D. (Commerce)

Areas of Interest:Finance, Accounts and General Management

No of years of experience: 22 years

Administrative experience : 15 years

Ph.D./M.Phil. : Awarded – 07 & Registered - 07

Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed or UGC listed Journals: 25


Chapter in Edited Book: 03


Editor Experience :from 2010 till date


Dr. Sachin Vilas Chavan
Assistant Professor in Electronics Science

Qualification: M.Sc in Electronics, SET, Ph.D, C-DAC DESD

Areas of Interest: Analog Electronics.
Digital Electronics.
Wireless Sensor Network
Internet of Things (IoT)
Embedded System Design
Embedded C Programming
Python Programming

No. of years of Teaching experience: 15 years

Administrative experience : 05 years

Mr. Nilesh Shrikantrao Khalikar

Qualification: M.A.Music,NET,B.Ed,Sangeet Alankaar ,Ph.D. (Registered)

Areas of Interest: Performing Khayal Music,Merkhand, ancient sanskrut Grantha –s related to Musicology

No of years of experience:12 years

Administrative experience:05 years

Total No of Publications :02

Awards: 1)Devgandharva Bhaskarrao Bakhle Young singer Award,Uni.Pune
2)Datta Marulkar Gold Medal,Uni.Pune

E mail: nilesh.khalikar@indiraedu.com

Dr. Bipul B. Saha
Professor and Advisor

Qualification: M.Sc (Gold Medalist), Ph.D (Chemistry), MBA, Ph.D (Management)

Awards: 1. Homi Bhabha Gold Medal
2. S.N. Bhattacharya Medal
3. University Gold Medal

Editorial experience: 1. Editorial Advisory Board member of (a) “American Chemical Society’s Agricultural Science and Technology Journal (b) Farm Chemicals International – USA (c) Agri Business Global – USA
2. Editor of “Indian Society of Environmental Science and Technology Newsletter”

Mr. Kiran Narayan Ghotkule
Assistant Professor in Botany

Qualification:M.Sc. B.Ed. M-SET,Ph.D. (Registered)

Areas of Interest: Plant Diversity and Limnology

No of years of experience: 12 Years

Research Papers: 04

National Conference: 01

International Conference 01


Dr. Priyanka Ramdas Sakhare
Assistant Professor in Chemistry

Qualification: M.Sc. Chemistry, Ph.D. IIT Bombay CSIR- NET, GATE

Areas of Interest: Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry. Catalysis.

No of years of experience: 08 years

Total No of Publications: 03

International Papers: 02

Indian Patent: 01

National Conference: 02

International Conference: 01

E mail: priyanka.sakhare@indiraedu.com

Dr. Shobha Santosh Jagtap
Assistant Professor in Commerce

Qualification:M.com, CMA, PHD

Areas of Interest:Finance, Costing, Taxation, Accounting.

No. of years of experience: 07 years

No. of Publications: 05

National Conference: 04

International Conference: 02

E mail: shobha.jagtap@indiraedu.com

Dr. Pratibha N. Bomble
Assistant Professor, Zoology.

Qualification:M.Sc (Zoology), CSIR-UGC-JRF, UGC-NET, DMLT, ANM, PhD.

Areas of Interest: Stress response biology, Proteomics, Biochemistry, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Microscopy, Genetics.

No. of years of experience : 04 years

No. of Publications: 03

Awards:1.Young Scientist Award at International Science Congress.
2.‘Bharat Shiksha Ratna Award’ by Global Society for Health & Educational Growth, Delhi.

Mr.Saket Ramesh Nikalje
Director of Physical education and Sports

Qualification: B.com, B.ped, M.ped, UGC-NET, SET, PhD (Registered).

Areas of Interest: Research, Test and measurement, Biomechanics, Sports Psychology. Football, Hockey, Athletics.

Research papers:01

National Conferences: 01

No. of Workshops:04

No of years of experience:01 Years

E mail: saket.nikalje@indiraedu.com

Ms. Anuja Babanrao Thube
Assistant Professor in English

Qualification: M.A. (English), SET, NET

No of years of experience:5 years

Areas of Interest :Linguistics, Soft Skills, English language and literature

Research Papers : 3

E mail: anuja.thube@icacs.ac.in

Mr.Piyush Mahesh Mirani
Assistant Professor in Physics

Qualification:M.Sc in Physics, NET, M-SET, GATE

Areas of Interest :: Observational Astronomy, Star Clusters, Variable Stars

E mail: piyush.mirani@icacs.ac.in

Dr. Punam Narayan Kavade
Assistant Professor in Politics & Sociology

Qualification:: M.A., M.Phil (University of Hyderabad), UGC-NET, Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur-HSS-Political Sociology)

No of years of experience:1 years

Areas of Interest :Political Sociology, Political Theory, Social Movements, Indian Culture and Society, etc.

No. of Publications: 1

National Conference: 02

International Conference: 01

Grants, fellowships, and awards:
1) International Travel Grant (IUAES 2019, Poznan, Poland) Dean of Academic Affairs, IIT Kanpur
2) Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, IIT Kanpur
3) Gurudayal Oberai Award for standing first in BA Final University Examination in college

E mail: punam.kavade@icacs.ac.in

Mrs. Radhika Nikhil Gandhe
Assistant Professor in Commerce

Qualification: M.Com, SET, Ph.D (registered)

Areas of interest:Accountancy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Management

No of years of experience:14 years

Publications: : Published a book ‘Human Resource Management’ - Alpha publications

No. of Workshops :01

E mail: radhika.gandhe@icacs.ac.in

Mr. Jaganath Dhanaji Kadam
Junior Clerk

Qualification: B.A. (History)

No of years of experience:03 years

Mr.Shubham Shahane
Branding Officer

Qualification: B.Sc (Computer Science), DNYS

No of years of experience:5 years

E mail: shubham.shahane@icacs.ac.in

Mr.Sandesh Chandrakant Deshmukh
Lab Assistant

Qualification: MBA, B.Sc (Chemistry).

No of years of experience:8 years

E mail: sandesh.deshmukh@icacs.ac.in

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